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Head Strength & Conditioning Coach


Trainer and Ambassador


Marketing and Sales Director

Founder and Director of BeFit. Qualified strength and conditioning coach with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. Ben’s passion and concept of BeFit stemmed from working with teens with depression and appreciating the link between good exercise, nutrition and health and living in peak state.

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Head of Programming for the BeFit network who has been part of the team since inception. Sam leads the innovative programs and his charismatic personality makes him extremely popular with the BeFit community.

Trainer and Ambassador to BeFit. Qualified strength & conditioning coach with several years in the industry. Ben played professional rugby union but now challenges himself in events such as Racing the Planet which is 250km long but can also deadlift 250kg and bench over a 150kg. He is an inspirational all-rounder!

Connor is our Marketing and Sales Director so you will often find him in the office but he still has a significant presence on the gym floor as a qualified strength and conditioning coach. Connor has 7+ years of experience in both the UK and Australian fitness industry having worked with several industry leaders he brings an unparalleled skill set to the BeFit team.


Head Physiotherapist



Andrew, BeFit’s Head Physiotherapist, began his career in the ‘elite’ sporting arena. The lessons learned in this high pressure environment have created a platform for Andrew to excel in this profession. Andrew established BeFit Training Physiotherapy in 2017 and continues to bring the latest evidence based treatments to ensure clients recover sooner and prevent repeat injuries in future. As a qualified strength and conditioning coach he has an intimate understanding of training techniques that are used in BeFit’s programs to assist in personalising them specifically for you.

Shaun has a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology from the University of NSW and many years experience working with a range of people from optimising professional athletes all the way to the seriously injured. Shaun heads up our Limit program here at BeFit and is a great addition to the team.

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